Heroes of Talia was founded by Holy Whisper on the 3rd August 2005 which means we recently passed our 4th anniversary milestone. Curiously, we're not the type of people to celebrate such events in the tradition of most guilds - dancing and drinking in the guild hall, for example. For us Guild Wars has always been about the game, and working together to achieve in-game goals.

From this comes the fun, and we've always been kind of picky in choosing those who join us which has meant that we've always had a strong backbone of players in the guild, many of whom are still around today (or certainly still on the roster if no longer actively playing). Many players have passed through our guild hall over the years - the old forum had well over 50,000 posts and 350 members, which may give you an idea of how active we've been.

The majority of players in the guild have been from the UK but we've had members from all over Europe and we even had a fair number from as far afield as the US and Australia. We're the kind of people who don't do e-dramas, nor do we take ourselves too seriously, evidenced by the number of times we've run all one class missions, or had only two skills on the skillbar (one ran Echo Mending, I believe) and many sealed deck runs. We have at least one GWAMM in our ranks and many others with over 20 titles each. In the past we've also won battles in the Hall of Heroes and have done just about everything there is to do, from vanquishing everything to killing Mallyx.

There's always been a good balance between the two sides of the game, PvP and PvE, with officers dedicated to organising events in both arenas. The guild-organised PvE events were known as Hunts of the Week or HotWs for short and usually took place Thursdays and Saturdays, with dedicated GvG nights the other days of the week, usually at 8pm UK time.

The game has certainly wound down a bit now, but we still have a core of players active with about 20 or so on each day striving for titles, the odd Z quest here or there or playing a GvG match or four. Some of the old-timers come back from time to time (probably to see if there's any new content!), which is why there are still 80 people on the roster. We know who most of them are and have played with them often in the past, the hope being that they'll come back when GW2 is eventually released.

Current leadership:
Aurelia Tsuguwa
Dark Glam
Arada Velador
Blessed bell