Guild Leader
Preferred class: Monk

I've been playing GW pretty much since day one, and the longevity of it has really surprised me - it amazes me that I can still log in four and half years on and still have as much fun. The best thing about the game for me has been the focus on what's fun to do as opposed to boring grinding for levels. This and the casual nature of the gameplay with it being split up into storyline missions make it a far more enjoyable experience than most online games.

I joined HoT around the time of the Factions preview event. I'd noticed a recruitment message posted on gwonline and started drafting an application for the forum. Then when I noticed the guild had taken one of the Luxon outposts that settled it for me and I posted the app.

The most embarrassing time I had in GW, apart from the drunken singing on vent was probably when I PUGged Divinity Coast and insisted that we don't talk to the guy at the end but moved our recruits over to the ritual point as that was the only way to get the bonus. How wrong was I? Very, and considering the PUG had failed it a few times before they were less than impressed.

My biggest triumph so far is probably getting the 26 titles for my Monk Merigarto, the fourth character I created but the one that quickly became my main. Killing Mallyx a couple of times was a good feeling, but vanquishing most of Elona with h/h ranks up there too.


PvP Officer
Preferred class: Necromancer(PvE), Warrior(GvG)

My Guild Wars career started January 2006 and I've been around ever since. Guild Wars was my first MMORPG and I was hooked right away. Later I tried other similar games like Warhammer Online, but I got bored pretty fast. The best thing in GW is the balance between its two aspects, PvE and PvP. Both can be very enjoyable and it's often refreshing to switch from one to the other. Guild Wars is getting to its winter as a game and players are waiting for GW2 to appear, but it still makes me sit down at my desk and play some more.

I joined HoT early 2007. I was supprised at the level of professionalism and the friendly and mature atmosphere. HoT was also very organized and I was impressed. This guild showed me the way to the Dark Side, which is how we more commonly refer to GvG. HoT has always had a solid core of GvGers and we used to visit the top 1000 regularly. Now I work as one of the PvP Officers of the guild and take care of, along with Glam, organized PvP events. GvG is played more for fun not for ranks or the ladder, even though we play to win.

One of the most embarrassing situations was probably during a GvG when I opened our gate to the enemy team. I dind't realise that it is something you reallly don't want to do and they would otherwise need a thief to open it. Our GvG team also has a notorious record of friendly fire with a catapult.

One of the things which I reckon to be the biggest success was when we won 9 GvG matches on a row, yet that is very unlikely to happen again. That was still something to remember. Also completing high end PvE areas first time brings good memories. Recently that has been slaying the Big Ape Mallyx.