August 25th 2012 - Guild Wars 2 launches!
Find us on Gandara (EU) server (well, when the servers are back up! :p)

GW2 HoM Calculator
Arenanet publish the Hall of Monuments calculator. Pop your character's name in and see what Guild Wars 2 reward you're entitled to!

Happy Wintersday and 2010!
HoT wishes you all a lovely Wintersday and a prosperous 2010! Wintersday finale starts at 8am GMT, 9am CET Friday 1st Jan - see you in LA/Kamadan!

December 16th 2009 - Guild Wars 2 News
Following on from the release of The Races of Tyria trailer for GW2 comes a new video on the Arenanet Youtube channel. Check it out here.

December 15th 2009 - Wintersday update
Arenanet post details on the GW website about the upcoming Wintersday festival

December 6th 2009 - Website relaunched
After a long absence, it's time to bring the main website back. Sadly the old trout-slapping logo is now long-forgotten pixel dust, so this will have to do. The forums are still the main hive of activity so head over there to see what's been going on lately.